A  very common form of academic writing is the one in which a text is analyzed rhetorically. This means that rather than analyzing the text, the techniques used to present the text are analyzed.

The structure of these essays called the write essay for me is very much similar to every other form of essay. Starting with an introductory paragraph that ends with a thesis statement. The thesis statement provides the opinion, argument of the essay writer on the techniques and goals of the author of the text under analysis.

Body paragraphs in these essays present the arguments of the essay writer regarding the analysis of the text. The conclusion wraps up the analysis and summarizes all the main arguments at write essay


Body of the essay

The body of the essay contains the main analysis of the text under consideration. Generally, each paragraph presents a single opinion on the text. A different element of the text is focused on in each body paragraph. An effective essay transitions smoothly from one idea to another and from one argument to another.

An unsmooth and abrupt transitioning makes the essay haphazard, random, and difficult to understand. The write an essay for me will be the one that not only presents correct content but also has an efficient way of transitioning from one sentence, argument, or paragraph to another.

Transition Words

Transitional words, phrases, or devices are the ones that connect different parts of your essay together. These words or phrases make sure that the thought of one part of the essay is carried out to the other effectively and without sudden and abrupt breaks or jumps between the sentences and/or phrases and/or ideas.

Some of the transition words lead the reader towards the coming part while others help them draw a conclusion from the preceding part through skilled writers


Principles of transition 

There are three basic principles or rules of transition commonly used. These are given below:

Choose words according to the rhetorical strategy used.

Connect paragraphs using smooth transitions.

do not overuse transition words and phrases.

With respect, these principles various transition words are used under different circumstances. A list and detail of such words and phrases are mentioned in this article to make the transition easier for reliable essay writing service



To add something further to the content following transition words are used:

  • And
  • Besides
  • Again
  • Furthermore
  • Next
  • Lastly
  • In addition
  • Moreover
  • More importantly.


Following transition words are used for comparison:

  • But
  • On the other hand
  • Neither, nor
  • Either, or
  • Yet
  • Whereas
  • In contrast
  • However
  • Nonetheless
  • Nevertheless
  • On contrary
  • Meanwhile
  • Afterall
  • Conversely
  • Vis a Vis
  • But
  • Although
  • Up against.


To show an exception, one of the following words can be used:

  • However
  • Still
  • Yet
  • Of course
  • In spite of
  • Sometimes
  • Despite
  • Once in a while


When repeating an already mentioned point, use the following words:

  • As said earlier
  • As mentioned before
  • As I have already said
  • In brief
  • As noted
  • As I have noted


  • Definitely
  • Obviously
  • In fact
  • Indeed
  • Extremely
  • In any case
  • Absolutely
  • Naturally
  • Positively
  • Always
  • Perennially
  • Eternally
  • Without a doubt
  • Always
  • Without reservation
  • Unquestionably

Sequence building

  • Following
  • First  
  • Second  
  • Third
  • Afterward
  • Previously
  • subsequently
  • Before
  • So forth
  • Consequently
  • Next
  • Therefore
  • Soon
  • Then.


While giving an example in the essay use the following words:

  • For instance
  • For example
  • In this case
  • As an illustration
  • To demonstrate
  • Consider the case of
  • In another situation
  • On this occasion


To give proof or validity the transition words given below must be used at writing service


  • Because
  • For this reason
  • Obviously
  • Evidently
  • Due to this
  • Since
  • For
  • In any case
  • That is.

Summary and conclusion

When mentioning summary or drawing conclusions, use the words mentioned ahead like CollegeEssay


  • Conclusively
  • On the whole
  • Briefly
  • Thus
  • Hence
  • Therefore
  • Accordingly
  • As a result
  • Consequently
  • Summing up
  • On the whole